Published 2018
Table of Contents: '; ... of the Dutch summer of 1945 / Frank Mehring -- The reception and development of jazz in the Netherlands (1945...

by Savage, Steve
Published 2011
University of Michigan Press
Table of Contents: '; ...? -- Repurposing performance. Application study : jazz piano trio ; Studio study : capturing the unintentional...

by Couture, Barbara
Published 2004
Utah State University Press
Table of Contents: '; .... Eisenstadt -- Virtuosos and ensembles : rhetorical lessons from jazz -- Keeping the world safe for class...

Published 2018
Australian National University Press
Table of Contents: '; .... A Good Black Music Story? Black American Stars in Australian Musical Entertainment Before 'Jazz...

by Bloom, Lynn Z.
Published 1998
Utah State University Press
Table of Contents: '; ... nonfiction, is there any other kind? -- Reading, writing, teaching essays as jazz -- Why don't we write what...

by Harrington, Susanmarie
Published 2005
Utah State University Press
Table of Contents: '; ... project: the insiders' history -- Standards, outcomes and All that Jazz -- Outcomes are not mandates...

by Vian, Boris
Published 2014
University of Adelaide Press

by Ziolkowski, M.Jan
Published 2018
Open Book Publisher
Table of Contents: '; ...Ogive Talking; F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Gothic Jazz Age; Late Collegiate Gothic at Duke...