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Published 1776

by Sandro, Rogari
Published 2005
Firenze University Press
... was invited by the Academic Senate to nominate a figure of international standing as recipient of an honorary...

by Chalmers, George
Published 1791
Printed for J. Stockdale

by Whittemore, Robert C.
Published 1973
Springer Netherlands
... him the honorary degree LL.D in recognition of his significant contributions to curriculum development...

by Eccles, John C., Gibson, William C.
Published 1979
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ....B.C. on “The Physical Basis of Mind” -- Appendix 15. Honorary Degrees, Fellowships and Memorials --...

by Casey, James
Published 1995
Birkhäuser Basel
... is given in lieu of an honorary degree) and where he was also presented with the Table of Contents...

by Lehmann, E. L.
Published 1999
Springer New York
... of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the recipient of honorary...

Published 2012
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... prizes and honorary degrees including, among others, the Fields Medal(1966), The Veblen Prize (1966...

by Lehmann, Erich L., Romano, Joseph P.
Published 2005
Springer New York
... and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the recipient of honorary degrees from the University of Leiden...

by Lehmann, Erich L.
Published 2008
Springer New York
... Statistics, and former President of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. He holds honorary degrees from...