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... scientists to revisit the conventional wisdom on the grand strategies pursued between the World Wars, drawing...

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Published 2022
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Table of Contents: ...Chapter 1: “The Elements of Grand Strategy” -- Chapter 2: “Whither India’s Grand Strategy...

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Published 2015
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... of the Cold War. The collapse of Communism called for a new US Grand Strategy to address the emerging...

Published 2021
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...Handbook of grand strategy...

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Published 2011
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...This book looks at Chinese policy towards the South Pacific in the context of China's grand...

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Published 2023
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Table of Contents: ... -- Chapter 3: American Grand Strategy before Trump: The History and Nature of Open-Door Globalism -- Chapter...

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Published 2023
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Table of Contents: ...Chapter 1: Introduction -- Chapter 2: Unmasking the Nexus: Exploring US Grand Strategy...

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Published 2022
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Table of Contents: ... one war, igniting another, 2013-17 -- Conclusion: Iranian grand strategy between crusade and crisis...

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Published 2008
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...Liberal intellectuals and political leaders have been slow to articulate a grand strategy informed...

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Published 2017
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Published 2023
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...'s grand strategies, with a particular interest in the implementation of the current Agenda 2030 and its...

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Published 2017
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... of German grand strategy in the decades before World War I. Xu shows how Germany's diplomatic blunders...

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Published 2022
MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
Subjects: ...grand strategy...

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Published 2023
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Table of Contents: ...The impermanence of paradigms -- Alliances and America's grand strategy -- Whither the Atlantic...

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Published 2011
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...This text focuses on grand strategy and military strategy as practiced over an extended period...

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Table of Contents: ... from the Cold War and after -- Grand strategy and counterinsurgency -- A new framework...

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Table of Contents: ... of the dispute in the 1970s and 1980s -- The Post-Cold War era -- The rise of the AKP party and Turkey’s grand...

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... can be found on the key elements of a grand strategy, based on failures in the GWOT, it is far from...

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Published 2007
Table of Contents: ...Promoting democracy and freedom abroad -- America's new grand strategy? -- New friends, new...