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by Jackson, M. P. A., Hudec, Michael R.
Published 2017
Cambridge University Press
.... This is the definitive practical handbook for professional geologists and geophysicists in the petroleum industry...

by Floyd, P. A.
Published 1991
Springer US
... of oceanic basalt magmas. This is a volume for geologists, geochemists and geophysicists and a source...

by Weimer, Paul
Published 1991
Springer New York
...Understanding submarine fan and turbidite systems has been a major quest of geologists...

by Sørensen, O. Toft
Published 2003
Springer US
... is an invaluable reference for materials scientists, chemists, geologists, and engineers involved...

by Kalvoda, Jan
Published 1998
Springer Netherlands
... will be useful for natural scientists, graduate geographers and geologists and postgraduate students in earth...

by Roonwal, G.S.
Published 2018
Springer Singapore
... exploration in the operating mine. The book shall be of great interest to geologists and mining community...

Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
... four examine its applied geomorphological aspects. The book offers a valuable guide for geologists...

Published 2017
Springer International Publishing
... expected that this book will be of value to forensic geologists, forensic archaeologists, forensic...

by Abzalov, Marat
Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
..., from students to lecturers and experienced geologists. The book includes comprehensive descriptions...

by Müller, Daniel, Groves, David I.
Published 1997
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... on alkaline rocks, but also to the exploration geologists prospecting for epithermal gold and/or porphyry...

by Lallier-Vergès, Elisabeth, Tribovillard, Nicolas-Pierre, Bertrand, Philippe
Published 1995
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... for over 350000 years. The book is of special interest to geologists and geochemists interested in organic...

by Garbary, David J.
Published 1990
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
...Algal systematists, geologists and evolutionary biologists provide a synthesis of the evolutionary...

by Trouw, Rudolph A. J., Passchier, Cees W., Wiersma, Dirk J.
Published 2010
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... of a large number of different mylonites allowing students and geologists to correctly classify them...

by Recnik, Aleksander
Published 2013
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... twins. The book is written for a broad readership, and will be interesting for geologists, mineralogist...

by Yuen, David A.
Published 1992
Springer US
... in June 1990 in which well-renowned geophysicists, geologists and applied mathematicians were...

by Angelakis, Andreas N.
Published 1996
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
..., geologists, environmental scientists and researchers. It is also useful as a reference to consulting...

by Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm
Published 1998
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... in exploration campaigns and mining activities. It is intended as a vademecum for geologists who are forced...

by Nieder, Rolf, Benbi, Dinesh K., Reichl, Franz X.
Published 2018
Springer Netherlands
..., agronomists, geologists, geochemists, public health professionals, planners and several others. ...

by Yu, Xinghe, Li, Shengli, Li, Shunli
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... sedimentologists and petroleum geologists alike...

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
... studies are from the PROSA project group which encompasses the expertise of geomorphologists, geologists...