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by Naeser, Nancy D.
Published 1989
Springer New York
... of the American Association of PetroleumGeologists in New Orleans, March 1985...

by Wilson, Marjorie
Published 2000
Springer Netherlands
... of the processes re­ However, the geologist of the late 1980s requires, in sponsible for the chemical diversity...

by Manutchehr-Danai, Mohsen
Published 2000
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... for gemologists, mineralogists, geologists, jewel dealers, industry and hobbyists. This dictionary contains about...

by Borchardt-Ott, Walter
Published 2012
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
..., mineralogists, geologists and physicists. Based on the author's more than 25 years of teaching experience...

by Goddard, Stephen
Published 1996
Springer US
... resources in parcels of public land, and the deterministic paradigms of traditional geologists...

by Mitchell, Roger H.
Published 1986
Springer US
... with the evolution of the mantle, to volcanologists pondering the origins of diatremes, to exploration geologists...

by Dahlberg, Eric C.
Published 1995
Springer New York
... was to bring this material to the fingertips of working geologists and geophysicists, who were "evaluating...

by Sheinmann, Yu. M.
Published 1971
Springer US
... on the USSR almost unknown from other publications. I hope that, despite this, geologists who read the English...

by Bouchez, J. L.
Published 1997
Springer Netherlands
... are original. It will serve as an invaluable reference for geologists, petrologists, geophysicists interested...