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by Bernsen, Niels Ole, Dybkjær, Laila, Dybkjær, Hans
Published 1998
Springer London
..., such as dialogue design guideline s, in-depth evaluation methodologies, and speech functionality analysis...

Published 2014
Springer New York
..., prostate cancer, and brain disease, in lung function analysis, and in radiation therapy. The book examines...

Published 2004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
...-function analysis (sequence studies, structure prediction), followed by methods that explicitly utilize...

by Papageorgiou, Chris
Published 2010
International Monetary Fund
... function analysis, growth spells techniques and panel regressions, we show that external demand (ED) shocks...

by Kamada, Rui
Published 2012
Springer Japan
..., functional control of p53 via tetramer formation was demonstrated, based on the structure–function analysis...

Published 2010
Springer New York
...) • ORR investigated through a DFT-Green function analysis of small clusters • Electrocatalytic oxidation...

Published 2014
Springer Netherlands
... is discussed in detail, as is the classification/diagnosis of brain tumors based on function analysis. CDK6...

by Yarlagadda, R. K. Rao, Hershey, John E.
Published 1997
Springer US
... on statistics, error correction coding theory, communications signaling, Boolean function analysis and synthesis...

Published 2005
Springer US
... Discovery and Gene Function Analysis (Kluwer, 2003). That text offered guidelines to currently available...

by Smith, N. Adam
Published 2011
American Ornithologists' Union
... and resulted in the recognition of species clusters. Discriminant function analysis was used to assess...

by Buldygin, Valeriĭ V., Indlekofer, Karl-Heinz, Klesov, Oleg I., Steinebach, Josef G.
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... in function analysis concerning Abelian and Tauberian theorems can be studied as well as those in studies...

Published 2010
Springer Netherlands
..., from structure-functions analysis up to the involvement of CCN proteins in complex physiological...

by Liberzon, Daniel
Published 2003
Birkhäuser Boston
... theory for switched systems; it covers single and multiple Lyapunov function analysis methods, Lie...

by Genta, Giancarlo, Morello, Lorenzo, Cavallino, Francesco, Filtri, Luigi
Published 2014
Springer Netherlands