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by King, Richard
Published 1778
Printed for, and sold wholesale and retail by, Alex. Hogg, No. 16, Paternoster Row

by Walkingame, Francis
Published 1793
Printed for J. Scatcherd, and I. Whitaker, successors to E. Johnson, Ave-Maria-Lane

by Bankes, Thomas
Published 1790
printed for J. Cooke, No. 17, Pater-Noster-Row

by Anderson, Alexander
Published 1796
Published by John Reid, bookseller and stationer, no. 106, Water-Street

by Winterbotham, William
Published 1795
Printed by Tiebout & O'Brien, for J. Reid, L. Wayland, and C. Smith. And sold by Thomas Stephens, no. 57, South Second Street, Philadelphia, and all other booksellers throughout the United States

by Winterbotham, William
Published 1796
Printed by Tiebout and O'Brien, for John Reid, bookseller and stationer, no. 106, Water-Street

by Payne, John
Published 1798
Printed for, and sold by John Low, book-seller, at the Shakespeares Head, no. 332 Water-Street

by Tans'ur, William
Published 1773
Printed and sold by Daniel Bayley, at his house, next door to St. Paul's Church, Newbury-Port. 1773. Sold also by most booksellers in Boston. Just published, and to be sold by said Bayley, and the booksellers in Boston, The new universal harmony, or compendium of church music: being a collection of favorite anthems, hymn-tunes and carols, composed by the greatest masters. Price six shillings

Published 1781
Printed by Nathaniel Coverly and Robert Hodge, at their office in Newbury-Street

by Malham, John
Published 1797
Printed for and sold by W. Spotswood and J. Nancrede

by Blackstone, William
Published 1799
by I. Thomas and E.T. Andrews. Sold by them at Faust's statue, no. 45, Newbury-Street; by I. Thomas, Worcester; by Thomas, Andrews, and Penniman, Albany; by Thomas, Andrews, and Butler, Baltimore; and by E.S. Thomas, Charleston, S.C

Published 1796
Printed by G. Robinson, corner of William and John Streets, and J. Bull no. 115, Cherry-Street, and sold by James Rivington, no. 156, Pearl-Street

by Worthington, Joseph
Published 1780
printed for Alex. Hogg, No. 16, Pater-Noster Row; and Richardson and Urquhart at the Royal Exchange

by Fleetwood, John
Published 1790
printed for J. Cooke, at No 17, Pater-Noster-Row

by Jackson, William
Published 1795
printed for the proprietors : published by Alex. Hogg

by Markham, Gervase
Published 1710
printed for M. Wotton, at the Three Daggers in Fleet-Street; and G. Conyers, at the Golden-Ring in Little-Britain

by Josephus, Flavius
Published 1792
printed, by Royal Authority of Act of Parliament, for Alex. Hogg, at the King's-Arms, No. 16, Paternoster-Row, and sold by all Booksellers and News-Men