by Kanife, Paul Obiora
Published 2016
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ...Introduction -- Engraving Tutorial -- Face milling Operation -- Volume Rough Milling Operation...

Published 2011
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Table of Contents: '; ... World War Two by Iain Banks -- Chapter 8. Engraving and Embroidering: The Material Culture of Internment...

by Momber, A.
Published 2008
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.... Tilghman’s patent on "Improvement in cutting and engraving stone, metal, glass etc." (1870...

Published 2018
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... field of air lasing. In most applications of lasers, such as cutting and engraving, the laser source...

Published 2005
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... and seismicity. Mud volcano of Nirano (Northern Italy). Engraving from Stoppani A. (1871), Corso di Geologia...

by Carsetti, A.
Published 2013
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... the necessity of articulating and inventing a mathematics capable of engraving itself in an evolutionary...

Published 2005
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Table of Contents: '; ...the Cortenova Rock Slide (Italy) -- Preservation from Rockfall of the Engraved Wall in the Fugoppe...

by Rossi, Cesare, Russo, Flavio
Published 2017
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Table of Contents: '; ... Elevations, Plan and Sections -- I.2 Protohistoric Drafting machine for the clay tablets engraving -- I.3...

by Kozák, Jan, Čermák, Vladimír
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... and historical merits. Key themes: history, engravings, natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes Both...

by Martín Becerra, Diana
Published 2017
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... analyzes the magnetic modulation in SPPs by means of an interferometer engraved in a multilayer combining...

by Nahin, Paul J.
Published 2019
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... engraved on Biblical stones, rather than painstakingly discovered by people of genius who often went down...