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by Bickham, George
Published 1754
Sold by him [George Bickham] in May's Buildings, Covent Garden, and by all the booksellers and staioners in Great Britain, and Ireland

by Bowles, Carington
Published 1775
Printed for and sold by the proprietor Carington Bowles, at his map and Print Warehouse, No. 69, St. Paul's Church Yard, London

by Milns, William
Published 1795

The surrey and Southwark writing-master A new county copy-book. Containing, an accurate, though compendious description of the above county, With its Representatives in Parliament: The Churches in each Town, and their Distances from London, Oxford and Cambridge; with their Arms and Common Seals, as sent to the Office of the Crown, and as called over in the House of Commons, according to the Test Roll: Also, an Account of the Air, Soil, Rivers, Curiosities, and Noblemens Seats; with a particular Survey of the County, in a perspective Map quite New, and according to Act of Parliament. The Whole design'd for Youth to write after, as well as to entertain the Gentlemen and Ladies of the County, and to furnish their Memories with a necesary Knowledge of their respective Places of Abode, in a Method intirely new. The Whole adorned with Picture-Work. As also, Alphabets, Single-Line Copies, Poems on various Subjects, Select Proverbs and Sentences, and a great Variety of Command of Hand by the best Artists, in all the Hands now made Use of in Great Britain, particularly of those most applicable to Business: All made more intelligible, useful and universal: Than any Thing of the like Kind hitherto extant. To which is added, an essay towards a further improvement of a hand for business; with some useful Reflections on the present Method of Penmanship, viz. of the Pen, to make a Pen, to hold a Pen, to sit to write; of the several Hands, of Round Hand, of Italian, of the Ingrossing, of German Text; of the other Hands, of Striking or Command of Hand, Flourishing Figures, &c. which the Author hath made from his own Experience and Conversation with the best Masters. The Whole contrived for the Use of both Sexes: And it is presumed, will sufficiently answer the Method recommended. Written, and engraved on copper plates, by George Bickham
by Bickham, George
Published 1750
Sold by him [George Bickham] in May's Buildings, Covent Garden, Price [blank] and by all the booksellers and stationers in Great Britain, and Ireland, and by all news-carriers in town and country

by Van Marle, Raimond
Published 1936
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ..., Some Mosaicists and “Madonneri” -- IX: Venetian Engravings, Woodcuts and Miniatures of the XV Century...

Published 1728
Printed and sold by B. Cole engraver in London House-Yard St. Paul's Church Yard

by Crew, Nathaniel
Published 1785
Sold by the author

by Bland, John
Published 1740
Sold by the author, & by John King at the Globe in the Poultry. Removd to the Accountants Office for qualifying young gentlemen for business in Birchin Lane near the-Royal Exchange London

by Shelley, George
Published 1710
Sold by H. Overton at the White Horse without newgate London

by Griffin, Gregory
Published 1787
Printed for C. Knight, Windsor; and sold by Mess. G. G. J. & J. Robinson, and Mr. Debrett, London

Published 1761
M,DCC,LXI. printed for T. Becket, in the Strand

by Elder, William
Published 1710
Sold by Rob. Vincent in Cliffords Inn Lane, & Chr. Coningsby at Ye Golden Turk's head in Fleet Street