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The modern builder's assistant or, a concise epitome of the whole system of architecture; In which The various Branches of that excellent Study are establish'd on the most familiar Principles, And rendered adequate to every Capacity; Being useful to the Proficient, and easy to the Learner. Divided into three parts. Containing I. A Correct View of the Five Orders, explained in several Sheets of Letter-Press. II. Consisting of Regular Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Houses, in the most elegant and convenient Manner, either for the Reception of Noblemen, Gentlemen or Tradesmen with large or small Families, adapted to the Taste of Town or Country. To which Part is added, A great Variety of other Plans for Offices or Out-Houses adjoining to them of different Dimensions for Domestic Uses; Such as Kitchens, Wash-Houses, Malt-Houses, Bake-Houses, Brew-Houses, Dairies, Vaults, Stables, Coach-Houses, Dog-Kennels, &c. &c. Together with the Estimates of each Design, and Proper Instructions to the Workmen how to execute the same. III. Exhibiting (ornamental as well as plain) a Variety of Chimney-Pieces, Windows, Doors, Sections of Stair-Cases, Rooms, Halls, Saloons, &c. Skreens for Rooms, also Cielings, Piers, and Gate-Roofs, &c. &c. The whole beautifully engraved on eighty five folio copper plates, from the designs of William and John Halfpenny...
by Halfpenny, William
Published 1757
printed for James Rivington and J. Fletcher in Pater-Noster Row, and Robert Sayer opposite Fetter-Lane, Fleet-Street

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1725
printed by Sam. Aris for the author, in Exeter-Change in the Strand; Benjamin Cole Engraver, in London-House-Yard, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Tho. Taylor Printseller, at the Golden Lion in Fleet-Street; Bowen Whitledge Bookseller, at the Red Bible in Ave-Mary-Lane; Tho. Bowles Printseller, next the Chapter-House in St. Paul's Church-Yard; Tho. Wright Mathematical Instrument-Maker, at the Orrery and Globe in Fleet-Street; John Senex, over-against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street; Francis Fayram, at the Royal Exchange in Cornhill; Tho. Worrall, over-against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street; and John Walthoe at Richmond

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1736
Printed for & sold by Tho: Bowles, by Jer Batley, & by J. Bowles

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1724
Printed for & sold by Tho: Bowles, by Jer. Batley, & by J. Bowles

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1728
printed for John Wilcox and Tho. Heath

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1780
printed for Carington Bowles, No. 69, St. Paul's Church Yard

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1724
Printed & sold by Tho. Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard, and John Bowles over aganst. Stocks Market, London

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1755
1755. Printed for Robt. Sayer, at the Golden Buck, opposite Feller Lane, Fleetstreet