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Published 1746
printed for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-Noster-Row

The embassador and his functions written by Monsieur de Wicquefort, Privy-Counsellor to the Duke of Brunswick and Lunenburg, Zell, &c. In two books. I. Shewing, The Right of Sovereigns to send Embassadors: The several Orders of Publick Ministers: Of the Birth, Learning, and Age of Embassadors, and the Trust reposed in them: Their Instructions, Letters of Credence, Powers, Passports, Entries, Audiences, Ceremonies, Visits. Apparel, Expences, Domesticks, Privileges, &c. The Competition between France and Spain, and several other Princes and States about Rank. II. Treating of the Functions of Embassadors: Their Manner of Negotiating: Their Liberty of Speech: Their secret Services, Letters, Dispatches: Of their Mediatory Treaties: Of the Treaty of Westphalia, and all other Treaties in the last Century: Of Ratifications: The Lives and Characters of the most Illustrious Embassadors, and of several splendid Embassies; viz. I. That of Sir Francis Walsingham from Q. Elizabeth to France. II. The Duke of Buckingham to Spain and France. III. Sir Robert Shirley, Embassador from the K. of Persia to K. James 1st. IV. Mr. Lockhart Minister of England at the Pyrenean Treaty. V. The Lord Falconbridge to the French King at Dunkirk. VI. The Duke of Crequi to Cromwell. Vii. Sir John Trevor to France. Viii. The Lord Hollis to France. IX. The Earl of Essex to Denmark. X. Sir William Temple to the Hague and Nimeguen. With many other Embassies from England, France, Spain, which afford Useful Historical Relations no where else to be found. Also, A large Account of the Constitution of the German Empire, the Manner of Electing their Emperors, of the Electoral College...
by Wicquefort, Abraham de
Published 1716
printed for Bernard Lintott between the Temple-Gates in Fleetstreet: and sold by Charles King in Westminster-Hall, Edward Fleetwood at the Foot of the Parliament-Stair, and William Taylor at the Ship in Pater-Noster-Row

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