by van Wijngaarden, Gert Jan
Published 2002
Amsterdam University Press
... depended on the patterns of consumption in the societies importing Mycenaean pottery. In this book...

by Harmsen, Egbert
Published 2008
Amsterdam University Press
... to empowerment or reinforce dependency...

by Hollywood, John S.
Published 2015
Rand Corporation
...Law enforcement capabilities increasingly depend on records management systems and computer-aided...

by Rip, Arie
Published 2002
Amsterdam University Press
... and understanding of what is involved, and this depends, among other things, on the adopted nomenclature...

by Witte, Toby
Published 2004
Amsterdam University Press
... was intimidating. The Netherlands was dependent on Arab oil. The embargo seemed to threaten the Dutch position...

by van de Port, Mattijs
Published 2011
Amsterdam University Press
.... Adopting the Lacanian premise that the meaningful worlds we inhabit are lacking, and depend on fantasy...