Published 2015
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Table of Contents: '; ... unrelated parallel machine with sequence-dependent setup time -- Single machine scheduling for minimizing...

Published 1996
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Quality Parameters and their Dependence on Geology and Land Use -- From Processes to Systems: Numerical...

Published 2006
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Multiple Observer Siting on Large Terrain Cells -- Scale-Dependent Definitions of Gradient and Aspect...

Published 2018
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Table of Contents: '; .... S. Pathak -- 15. Time Dependent Study of Electromagetic Field and Indoor Meteorological Parameters...

Published 2013
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... people, many of whom are already living on the fringes. The author(s) also state(s) that, depending...

by Chankong, V., Ennever, F.K., Haimes, Y.Y., PetEdwards, J.
Published 1989
Springer US
... and goals, with complex interconnections and inter­ dependencies. Acquiring an appropriate data base...

Published 2017
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... dependence on importing foreign energy (energy-independence). The utilization of green plants for pollution...

by Gattinoni, Paola, Pizzarotti, Enrico Maria, Scesi, Laura
Published 2014
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...The construction of tunnels involves the resolution of various complex technical problems depending...

Published 2010
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... in disturbing the ecological balance on which the quality of environment depends. The modern technological...

Published 2003
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... to carry out their mission. Life of the bacteriophage depends on the tightly regulated interplay between...

by Kolok, Alan
Published 2016
Island Press/Center for Resource Economics
...’s particular action depends on its inherent chemical nature. The author goes on to show exactly how chemicals...

by Sati, Vishwambhar Prasad
Published 2014
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... to live below poverty line. Traditionally depending upon cultivating subsistence crops for food...

Published 1975
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..., but that the degree of variation and even sense of variation depends on the time scale which we are considering...

Published 1981
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...The EEC's heavy dependence on imported raw materials, combined with insufficient priority given...

Published 1997
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...). Because the economics of pool storage are dependent on the size of the facility, the construction...

Published 1995
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... is dependent upon a new approach to environmental protection - clean technology. This book is in two parts...

by Chiang, Pen-Chi, Pan, Shu-Yuan
Published 2017
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... supply chain can “reduce carbon dependency, promote resource and energy efficiency, and lessen...