by Craig, W.L.
Published 2000
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... Three Arguments for the Mind-Dependence of Becoming -- II. Arguments Against a B-Theory of Time -- 7...

Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... Dependence and Laws -- Causation is the Transfer of Information -- Good Connections: Causation and Causal...

by Spohn, Wolfgang
Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ...: An Alternative -- Bayesian Nets Are All There Is to Causal Dependence -- Causal Laws are Objectifications...

Published 1996
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... is Hyperplane Dependence? -- Is there Superluminal Causation in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory? -- EPR...

Published 2004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ...An Associative Information Retrieval Based on the Dependency of Term Co-occurrence...

by Zandvoort, Henk
Published 1986
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... observed in applying theories of nmr belong to other domains -- 3. The dependence of the nmr programme...

Published 1974
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ...I/Mathematics -- The Lemniscate of Bernoulli -- Summation of Series of Fractions Depending upon...

Published 2013
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ..., Synthetic Modeling, and Integration.- Anders Strand, Gry Oftedal, Causation and Counterfactual Dependence...

by Schneider, Stephen H.
Published 1981
Springer US
...Does the solution to our energy crisis depend upon the de­ velopment of coal, nuclear, solar...

by Eells, Ellery
Published 2010
Springer Netherlands
... that apply to a common domain, which makes laws indispensable to science. Understanding science thus depends...

by Gethmann, C. F., Carrier, M., Hanekamp, G., Kaiser, M.
Published 2015
Springer International Publishing
... of interdisciplinary reflection prove to be valid or to be acceptable in trans-disciplinary terms depends upon certain...

by Helm, Georg
Published 2000
Springer Netherlands
... to depend solely on a judgment as to the value and significance of the investigations presented...

Published 1982
Springer Netherlands
... and future is an objective one. It is not, for example, dependent on our consciousness of change; some A...

by Plaass, Peter
Published 1994
Springer Netherlands
... and metaphysics in the MF. They discuss its relevance for contemporary paradigm-dependency approaches...

by Agazzi, Evandro
Published 2014
Springer International Publishing
... reality. The “object” so attained has a proper ontological status, dependent on the specific character...

by Craig, W.L.
Published 2001
Springer Netherlands
... one construes divine eternity in terms of timelessness or of omnitemporality will depend'''crucially...

by Goodman, Nelson
Published 1977
Springer Netherlands
...: that the world is, in itself, no more one way than another, nor are we. It depends on the ways in which we take...

Published 1991
Springer Netherlands
... of space as mind-dependent. A fourth mention in the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science of 1786...

by Hon, Giora
Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
... have a variety of features, depending on the particulars of their sources. For the experimenter...

Published 2003
Springer Netherlands
... of theories should be analysed apart from the process behind it, resulting from a tangle of context-dependent...