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by Burland, Donald M.
Published 2004
National Academies Press
... Chemists and Chemical Engineers for the Global Workforce." The workshop was held to provide a forum...

Published 2010
National Center for Biotechnology Information
... 100 experienced medicinal chemists from five academic institutions and one NIH intramural center...

Published 2002
National Academies Press
... contribute. After the events of September 11, 2001, it was recognized that chemists and chemical engineers...

Published 2003
National Academies Press
... chemists and chemical engineers from all sectors, to examples of successful efforts to recruit and retain...

by Schwartz, Sandi
Published 2008
National Academies Press
... of chemists, chemical engineers, and others from academia, government, and industry participated in a workshop...

Published 2011
National Academies Press
... chemicals: research chemists, technicians, safety officers, educators, and students."--Publisher...

Published 2012
National Academies Press
... employer of synthetic organic chemists, are drastically paring back their research divisions to reduce...

Published 2016
National Academies Press
...: Communicating Chemistry: A Framework for Sharing Science is a practical guide intended for any chemists to use...

by Masciangioli, Tina M.
Published 2011
National Academies Press
... methods chemists can use to improve and expand their efforts to reach a general, nontechnical audience...

Published 2010
National Academies Press
..., multistability, and stochastic behavior--concepts familiar to physicists and chemists--are now being used...