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by Goodwin, James
Published 1731
printed and sold by T. Payne, at the Crown in Pater-Noster-Row
Subjects: '; ...Goodwin, James / chemist...

by Goodwin, James
Published 1731
printed for the author
Subjects: '; ...Goodwin, James / chemist...

by Spilsbury, Francis
Published 1792
printed by J. Crouse and W. Stevenson. Sold by G. Wilkie, Pater-Noster-Row, and E. Newbery, Cor Ner Of ST. Paul's Church-Yard, London

by Spilsbury, Francis
Published 1791
printed by J. Crouse and W. Stevenson. Sold by G. and T. Wilkie, No. 71, St. Paul's Church-Yard, London

by Spilsbury, Francis
Published 1783
printed by T. Fisher. Sold by Mr. G. Wilkie, No 71, St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mess. Davenhill, No 13, Cornhill; and A. Rothwell, new Bond-Street, London: C. Elliot, Edinburgh: - and J. Magee, Dublin

by Randall, William
Published 1795
Printed in the year MDCCXCV, by T. Baker

by Cox, Daniel
Published 1790
printed by R. Raikes, Southgate-Street. Sold in London by Cox, Borough; Murray and Co. Fleet-Street; Richardson's, Royal exchange; and Hatchard, Piccadilly; by Meyler, Bath; Bulgin and Co. Bristol; Harward, Cheltenham; by the author, in Glocester; and at the libraries, and by the principal booksellers, in the British Kingdoms

by Shebbeare, John
Published 1740
printed for Tho. Cox, at the Lamb under the Royal-Exchange

by Cox, Daniel
Published 1799
printed by R. Raikes. Sold by the author, Glocester; also by Harward, Cheltenham; Meyler, Bath; Bulgin and Co. Bristol; Phillips, ST. Paul's; Richardson, Royal Exchange; Cox, Borough; and Hatchard, Piccadilly, London. (entered at Stationer's-Hall)

by Smith
Published 1800
J. Agg, printer, Evesham

by Wathen, Jonathan
Published 1765
printed for John Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard

Published 1796
printed for G. Mudie & Son, Edinburgh; Murray & Highley, Fleet-Street, and J. Cuthell, Holborn, London