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by Walton, Jonathan
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... chemists. This book is a complete top-to-bottom revision of Wieland’s 1986 book. The material covers...

by Chen, George Guo-Qiang
Published 2010
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... means. They have been investigated by microbiologists, molecular biologists, b- chemists, chemical...

by Dion, Patrice
Published 2008
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... fundamental level: that of microbiology. Microbes are the Earth’s finest chemists, and most prodigious...

Published 2015
Springer New York
... aims to help accelerate the work of protein chemists, antibody engineers, molecular and cell biologists...

by Mukerji, K. G.
Published 2006
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... beingofinteresttoagriculturists,soilbiologists,chemists,microbiologists andmolecularbiologists. The rhizosphere microbes in?uence...