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by Hudson, John
Published 1992
Macmillan Education UK
..., the book will appeal to all chemists interested in the history of their subject, and is an invaluable...

Published 1994
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... the gap between astrophysicists and chemists. The topics range from the theoretical to the computational...

by Yamamoto, Satoshi
Published 2017
Springer Japan
... of the solar system. The subject matter will also be understandable and useful for physical chemists who...

Published 1985
Springer Netherlands
... and chemists can play a helpful role in analysis and interpretation. In view of the increasing pace of activity...

Published 1995
Springer Netherlands
..., as well as laboratory chemists, who are devoting substantial research time and resources to the problem...

7 ... in research - especially chemists doing structural work - in routine control work, in industrial development...

Published 2006
Springer New York
... of astronomers, geologists, biologists, and chemists, attempting to share their specialized knowledge around a...