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Published 1956
American Chemical Society

by Bandal, S. Kris
Published 1981
American Chemical Society

by Stahl, G. Allan
Published 1981
American Chemical Society
Subjects: '; ...Chemists / United States / Biography / Congresses...

by Davis, Henry W.
Published 1976
Birkhäuser Basel
... as an adjunct to the 1 chemist in the on-line interactive mode ,2,3 and also as a wholly computer-directed...

by DeVito, Stephen C.
Published 1996
American Chemical Society
Table of Contents: '; ...toxicological considerations for chemists / Stephen C. DeVito -- Cancer risk reduction through...

by Liscouski, Joseph G.
Published 1984
American Chemical Society
Table of Contents: '; ... St. Clair -- Introduction to graphics / Joseph G. Liscouski -- Chemists and computers in the Corps...

by Gibb, T. C.
Published 1976
Springer Netherlands
... to the advanced student or experienced chemist requiring a moderately comprehensive but basically non-mathematical...

by Truhlar, Donald G.
Published 1984
American Chemical Society
Table of Contents: '; ...a theoretical chemist's perspective / P.W. Langhoff -- Shape resonances in molecular fields / J...

by Breen, Joseph J.
Published 1992
American Chemical Society
Table of Contents: '; ... and pollution-prevention legislation : opportunities and challenges for the chemist / Steven D. Newburg-Rinn...

by Inoue, Shigeyoshi
Published 2019
MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
... on the periodic table. From the molecular chemist's viewpoint, one of the most interesting differences between...

by Davis, Burtron H.
Published 1983
American Chemical Society
Table of Contents: '; ... of catalytic chemists and engineers / Heinz Heinemann...

by Lovell, M. C., Avery, A. J., Vernon, M. W.
Published 1976
Springer Netherlands
... challenge. He will require to understand the lan­ guage of the physicist and chemist as well as appreciate...

by Moss, R. E.
Published 1973
Springer Netherlands
...This book is primarily intended for graduate chemists and chemical physicists. Indeed, it is based...

by Salih Mohammed Salih
Published 2012
... to materials analysis written primarily for physicist, Chemists, Agriculturalists, Electrical Engineers...

Published 2003
National Academies Press
... chemists and chemical engineers from all sectors, to examples of successful efforts to recruit and retain...

by Mohammad Mahdi Najafpour
Published 2014
Frontiers Media SA

by Gakh, Andrei A.
Published 2009
American Chemical Society
... resource for chemists of many disciplines."--BOOK JACKET....

Published 1970
Springer US
... to those working in closely allied fields. The pure physicists, chemists, and the applied scientists...

by Masa Tsuchiya
Published 2014
Frontiers Media SA
... physicists, chemists, computer scientists, biologists and immunologists the idea of systems biology approach...

by Seaman, Fred, Bohlmann, Ferdinand, Zdero, Christa, Mabry, Tom J.
Published 1990
Springer New York
... chemists to the literature of known compounds. The published reports for 1200 structures provide a sizable...