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by Turpin, Etienne
Published 2013
Open Humanities Press
... the Anthropocene by the chemist Paul Crutzen, the consideration of the merits of the Anthropocene thesis...

Published 1990
Springer US
...The discipline of surface and colloid chemistIy has experienced a considerable resurgence since...

by Clark, J. H.
Published 1995
Springer Netherlands
.... There is an unprecedented opportunity for chemists to develop and apply new methods that result in waste reduction...

by Marijnissen, J. C. M.
Published 1996
Springer Netherlands
...A group of highly esteemed aerosol scientists - physicists, chemists, biologists and toxicologists...

Published 1998
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... of chemists, biologists, toxicologists, engineers, legislators and politicians in combatting drinking water...

by Robert W. Talbot
Published 2016
MDPI AG - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
... chemists...

Published 2015
Springer New York
... the cooperation of chemists, biochemists, physicists, engineers and many other specialists, a collaboration which...

by Breh, Wolfgang
Published 2002
Springer Netherlands
... in these proceedings. Audience: Environmental engineers, geo-scientists, chemists, biologists, soil scientists...

by Landner, Lars
Published 1987
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... and show aspects for further cooperation between analytical chemists and biologists...

by Brauer, Heinz, Varma, Yalamanchili B. G.
Published 1981
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... and operation of equipment for air pollution control. But it will certainly be helpful to chemists...

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
... that will be of interest to museum staff, restorers and experts in various fields (geologists, biologists, chemists...

by Borrell, Peter
Published 2004
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... data, to encourage the use of these data by atmospheric chemists, and to explore the undoubted...

by de Lemos Chernicharo, CA
Published 2005
IWA Publishing
..., biologists, chemists and environmental scientists, acting in consulting companies, water authorities...

Published 2005
Springer Netherlands
... between physicists, meteorologists, chemists, computer scientists and specialists in numerical analysis...

by Francesco Asdrubali
Published 2015
MDPI AG - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

Published 2010
Springer Netherlands
... medical doctors, chemists, physicist, materials scientists, engineers and policy makers, which are already...