Published 2006
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... perspectives. Bodily Integrity and the Politics of Circumcision: Culture, Controversy, and Change illuminates...

by Zwart, Hub
Published 2015
Henry Stewart Talks
Table of Contents: ... of organ transplants -- Bodily integrity (the inviolable body) vs. the body as an aggregate of replaceable...

by Jones, Nicola
Published 2021
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..., including education, health and nutrition, freedom from violence and bodily integrity, psychosocial...

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Published 2015
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... challenge to bodily integrity. It does so by motivating you to act in ways that help the body recover...

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Table of Contents: ...Bodily Integrity in the Biotech Era -- An Analysis of the Accuracy of the Presentation of the Human...

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Table of Contents: ... in Diagnosis: Bodily Integrity, Trust-Telling, and the Good Physician -- Bodily Norms and the Ethics...

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Table of Contents: ... and liability -- Implants and human rights, In particular bodily integrity -- Implanting implications: data...

by Faranaaz Veriava
Published 2014
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... and authoritarian past with an ethos respectful of human dignity and bodily integrity. About the editors: Faranaaz...

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..., and on the development of the concept of bodily integrity. The papers presented in this volume address these topics from...

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Published 2022
MDPI - Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

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Table of Contents: .../C (Varol, Nesrin) -- Ch.12 Autonomy and Bodily Integrity and Male Circumcision (Higashi, Yuko...

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Table of Contents: ... -- 3 Bodily Integrity as a Barrier to Organ Donation; Adrian M. Viens -- 4 The Role of Body Concepts...