No III. (Enlarged and improved, with a plain account of the new stile, according to the late act of Parliament,) of the Daily journal for the year of our Lord 1752 (Being bissextile or leap year, and the 25th reign of King George II. and the first of the new stile used in Great Britain:) or, The gentleman's and tradesman's methodical accompt-book for the pocket; in a form entirely new, and in the order of time throughout the year, so contriv'd as to answer every man's purpose, and to enable him (without any trouble) to keep a regular and exact account, in a small compass, of I. where or with whom he has spent every day of his life. II. Of what money he has receiv'd paid, or expended, every day of the week throughout the year. III. Of what appointments he has made, with a distinct page for such other miscellaneous memorandums or observations, as he may have occasion to make, with which is carried on, IV. A daily remembrancer, or historical diary for the year 1752, contaning the most remarkable public events in general, and those of the precedeing year in particular, with a brief history of the several saints, and explanation of the festivals and fasts throughout the year; also the fix'd elections at the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge; some remarkable anniversaries, and other timely hints. equally useful to the gentleman and divine, lawyer and tradesman. V. The public offices, remarkable building, colleges, courts, hospitals, public inns, inns of court places, and schools, &c. in the bills of mortality and parts adjacent. VI. Some general things proper to be known and remember'd. Account of the general post, with prices of inland and foreign letters rates of carmen, coachmen, watermen, and chairmen. Account of foreign money, and its value sterling, also the weight and value of the current gold coin of this kingdom. VII. A list of the Archbishops and Bishops.
Published 1752
Printed only for R. Baldwin, in Paternoster Row

Published 1719