by Saha, Abhijit
Published 2018
Springer Singapore

Published 2009
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... and Aventura City of Excellence School, USA -- The Double Helix and Its Implications for the Professional...

by Saito, Nozomi
Published 2013
Springer Japan
Table of Contents: '; ... Oligomers -- Homo-Double Helix Formation of Ethynylhelicene Oligomers Possessing Various Side Chains...

by Hausmann, Rudolf
Published 2002
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ...Enzymes -- 2: Genes -- 3: One Gene — One Enzyme -- 4: Phages -- 5: The Double Helix -- 6: Double...

by Wu, Tai Te
Published 2002
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Table of Contents: '; ... and DNA Double Helix...

by Carthew, Richard
Published 2007
Henry Stewart Talks
Table of Contents: '; ... understanding of how double-helix RNA is used to silence genes -- Development of RNAi for disease research...

by Chagas, C.
Published 1984
Springer Netherlands
Table of Contents: '; ... -- Theoretical Studies of Molecular Recognition and Catalysis by Enzymes -- Molecular Dynamics of the DNA Double...

by Bryant, Jacob
Published 1797
printed by John Burges printer to the University; and sold by J. Deighton, Cambridge; Messrs. Cadell & Davies, P. Elmsley, and T. Payne, London

Published 2003
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... radically transformed in the succeeding half-century, and the double helix has become an icon of our times...

by Shinn, Terry
Published 1985
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Table of Contents: '; ... on The Double Helix as Popularisation -- Popularisation and Scientific Controversy: The...

Published 2002
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Logic in a Double Helix Architecture for Autonomous Systems -- The dd&p Robot Control Architecture...

by Sobit, R. C.
Published 2002
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... level, eukaryotic chromosomes are composed of a single, linear, double helix of DNA. The elementary...

by Eckstein, Fritz
Published 1993
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Table of Contents: '; ...Catalytic Activity of the DNA Double Helix -- Indirect Effects of DNA Sequence on 434 Repressor-DNA...

by Barrett, Terence W.
Published 1987
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Table of Contents: '; ...an Experimental Overview -- 18. Long-lived and Large-coherence Length Excitations in the DNA Double...

Published 2007
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... understanding of the nature of charge transfer and transport along the double helix is important in fields...

by Dominic Pettman
Published 2013
punctum books
... the familiar Atlas of everyday perception. Stitching these different places and spaces together is a “double...

by Saenger, Wolfram
Published 1984
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Table of Contents: '; ... DNA, and ?Vertical? Double Helix -- 15 tRNA—A Tr...

by Choudhuri, Supratim
Published 2014
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Table of Contents: '; ... as the Universal Genetic Material; 1.3 DNA Double Helix; 1.3.1 Structural Units of DNA; 1.3.2 Linkage between...

by Smith, Alan
Published 1976
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... that the DNA molecule is a eral and protein biosynthesis in particular, but double helix were both great...

by Phillips, Ronald L.
Published 2001
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...The double helix architecture of DNA was elucidated in 1953. Twenty years later, in 1973...