by Qin, Jing
Published 2017
Springer Singapore
... who are interested in survey methodology and other areas of statistical science, among others....

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Published 2015
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... improve users’ understanding of various aspects in the sampling theory and survey methodology; an example...

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Published 2020
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... migration and integration research, social capital and social networks, cross-national survey methodology...

by Lehmann, E.L.
Published 1999
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..., and the asymptotics of survey methodology. The book is written at an elementary level and is suitable for students...

Published 2014
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Table of Contents: '; ... regulation in an open government context -- Survey methodologies...

Published 2001
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Table of Contents: '; ... and Constraint Satisfaction: Definitions, Survey, Methodology, and Research Directions -- The Dynamical Systems...

Published 2012
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... in survey methodology...

by Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik, Jürgen H.P., Warner, Uwe
Published 2018
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... supplement to introductory textbooks on survey methodology and is suitable for Bachelor and Master students...

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Table of Contents: '; ... -- Introduction to Data Analysis for QI Projects -- Survey Methodology -- Using R for Statistics: A Beginner...

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Table of Contents: '; ... and Subhrendu Pattanayak -- 2. Survey Methodologies for Stated-Choice Studies, Patricia A. Champ and Michael P...

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Table of Contents: '; ... on Three Scales -- Annex B. Survey Methodology and Data Quality -- Annex C. Note on International...

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Published 2012
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality
... study to determine how to modify the survey methodology to improve the quality of the estimates...

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Table of Contents: '; ... -- The Delphi survey methodology: An approach to determine training needs -- A skills-driven process...

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Table of Contents: '; ... Customer Satisfaction (Sergio Zani, Maria Adele Milioli, Isabella Morlini) -- Part IV Survey Methodology...

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Table of Contents: '; ... and Donald Fisher -- Annex: The Changing Academic Profession Study and Survey Methodology; William Locke...

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... of the Business Survey Methodology Division at Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Canada. He is the author of BENCH, a...

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Table of Contents: '; ... Survey Methodology Annex D. Principal Participants in the Project...

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Table of Contents: '; ...Introduction and Background; Chapter Two: Survey Methodology; Chapter Three: Analysis and Results...

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Table of Contents: '; .... The application of survey methodology in CSR research / Christopher Boachie -- 20. Content analysis method: a...