by Shakespeare, William
Published 1745
printed for E. Cave
...Proposals for printing a new edition of the plays of William Shakespear...

J. Todd's catalogue for 1789 A catalogue of several libraries and parcels of curious and valuable books, lately purchased, The Whole forming a general assortment of the Best Authors in every Branch of literature. Amongst many others, equally valuable, are the following: Catesby's Nat. Hist. of Carolina, Florida, &c. 2 vol. coloured Miller's Sexual System of Linnaeus, 2 vol. coloured Russia, Curti's Flora Londinensis, 5 vol. col. Carew's Rights of Elections Chambers's Dictionary, 5 vol. Drake's Antiquities of York Higden's Polychronicon, Morocco Hamilton's Etruscan Antiquities, 2 vol. coloured King's Vale Royal of England, Moroc. Leigh's Lancashire, Cheshire, &c. Rapin's England, 5 vol. Thoresby's Antiquities of Leeds Watts's Seats of Nobility, fine impres. Journals of H. of Commons, 40 vol. Swinburne on Wills, best edit. Swammerdammii Biblia Naturae, 3 v. Art de Verifier les Dates des Faits, &c. Grosse's Antiquities of England, 8 vol. Cook's Voyages, 8 vol. fine impressions Ruffhead's Statutes at Large, 10 vol. Encyclopedie Methodique, 66 tom. Lucretius, Havercampi, 2 vol. Virgilii Opera, Burmanni, 4 vol. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10 vol. Schreber Hist. Nat. Animaux, 2 tom. Daniel Histoire de la France, 10 tom. Rollin Histoire Ancienne, 6 tom. Lavater's Phystognomy, No. 1, &c. Dr. Hunter's Evelyn's Silva, 2 v. Rus. Euripides, Gr. Lat. Cura Musgrave, 4 v. Gibbon's Roman Empire, 6 vol. Monthly Review, 80 vol. Annual Register, 29 vol. Lardner's Works, 11 vol. Buffon's Natural History, 9 vol. col. Orlando Furiosto, 4 tom. Causes Celebres, 26 tom. Contes et Nouvelles de la Fontaine, 2 tom. Contes de Bocace & de Navarre, 18 tom. Bell's Poets of Gr. Britain, 109 vol. in 51 Bell's Shakespeare. fine paper, 20 vol. Voltaire's Works...
by Todd, John
Published 1788

A catalogue of a small parcel of books In very good Condition. Many of them Curiously Bound, and all the rest Gilt on the Back or Letter'd, to be sold very cheap, On Tuesday the 13th of this Instant July, and to continue till all are sold, By Olive Payne, Bookseller, At Horace's Head, in Round-Court, in the Strand, opposite York-Buildings. Among which are, in Folio. Montsaucon's Antiq. French, fine Cuts, 10 vol. Poli Synopsis, 5 vol. Kennet's Hist. of Engl. 3 vol. Heads. Breval's Travels, 2 vol. Cuts. Bib. Polyglott. Montani, 2 tom. Peck's English Antiq. 2 vol. Cuts. Jebb's Life of Mary Q. of Scots, 2 vol. Spon's Miscel. Erud. Antiq. Fig. Mattaire's Marmora, Oxon. Fig. Religious Ceremonies, Cuts, 4 vol. Ciceronis Opera Gruteri, 2 tom. Bingham, 2 vol. compleat. Several of the Byzantine Historians. Buxtorf's Heb. Bible, best Edit. 2 vol. Reyneri de Antiq. Benedict. in Anglia Ovid, 3 vol. 1480. Hist. of Scotl. in Morocco, large Pap. Hist. of Ireland and Scotland. Fischer's Architecture, in German, French and English, 100 fine Cuts. Ovid in French, fine Cuts. Domat's Civil Law, 2 vol. large Pap. Capt. Johnson's Hist. of all the Pyrates Highwaymen, Murderers, Street-Robbers, &c. with 26 curious Cuts. Mabillon & D'achery Spicelegium, 2 vol. Beveridge's Works, 2 vol. Several Good Reports. Salmon's and Parkinson's Herbals. Livy in Latin, a beautiful Copy, ... - in English, best Edit. Anderson's Genealogical Tables, larg and small Paper. Winwood's and Cole's State Papers, vol. Crawfurd's Scotch Lives. Guillim, York, &c. Heraldry. Du Valle's Aristotle, 4 vol. Gr. La Rushworth's Collections, 8 vol. Burnet's Reformation, 3 vol. Quarto. Pope's Shakespear, 6 vol. St. Evremond & Rousseau's Works in French. Albin's Spiders and Insects...
by Payne, Olive
Published 1736

A catalogue of several libraries, and parcels of books, lately purchas'd; which will begin to be sold at Tunbridge-Wells, on Monday the 30th day of September, 1754, and continue daily Among which are included the libraries of the late Rev. Mr. Tilson, of Aylesford in Kent; and of the late Dr. Newington, M.D. of wadhurst in Sussex. The whole consisting of about five thousand volumes, on various subjects, in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, French, and English; in excellent condition, and many of them gilt and letter'd. Among which are folio. Constantini lexicon biblia hebraica, a hutero buxtorh lexicon chaldaicum, &c. Nov. Test. Gr. a millio S. Irenĭ Opera, Gr. Lat. Massuet biblia hebraica, 4 vols. apud. steph. Boyte's works, 5 vols. Clarindon's history of the rebellion breval's travels, 4 vols. locke's works, 3 vols. chambers's dictionary, 2 vols. Supplement to chambers, 2 vols. Palladio's architecture horsley's britannia romana caxton's chronicle of England Quarto. Hooke's Roman history, 2 vols. Harleian misceilany, 8 vols. Salmon's modere history, 3 vols. Middleton's works, 4 vols. Middleton's life of cicero, 2 vols. Hanway's travels, 4 vols. Octavo, &c. Luciani opera, Not. Var. 2 vols. Ocuvres de tontenelle, 6 tom. Hist. de Louis XIV. 9 tom. Hist. de Naturelle, 6 tom. Universal history, 21 vols. Plutarch's lives, 5 vols. Nature display'd, 7 vols. Pope, Swist, Shakespear, Spectator, adventurer, grandison, &c. &c. With many more...
by Baker, Edmund
Published 1754

A catalogue of curious and useful books, including the libraries of the Rev. Stephen Niblett, D. D. Late Warden of All Souls College, Oxford. The late Rev. Mr. John Bilstone, and others. Being a Valuable Collection in most Branches of Learning. Among which are the Following, In Folio. Stephani Thesaurus, 4 vol. chart. max. Hickesii Thesaur. Ling. Septent. 2 vol. Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, with his Life, 4 vol. ... Eanpides Gr. Lat. per Barnesium. Demosthenes, Gr. Lat. Wolfii, Franc. Donysius Halicarn. Hudson, 2 vol. Stratonis Geographia, 2 vol. opt. Edit. Homeri Opera Omnia, 2 vol. Glasg. Clake, Hammond, Barrow, Tillotson, Mead, Bacon, Stillingfleet, Hall, Locke, Temple, Jackson, &c Works. Thraydides Gr. Lat. per Wase & Duker. Xeaophon, Gr. Lat. per Leunclavii. Poetae Veteres Graeci per Lectium, 4 vol. Mattland's History of London, 2 vol. Chambers's Dictionary, 2 vol. Bayle's Dictionary with the Biographia Britannica, 12 vol. Cunningham's Law Dictionary. Calmer's Dictionary of the Bible, 3 vol. Patrick, Lowth, and Whitby's Commentaries, 6 vol. In Quarto. Milton's Works, 5 vol. Bolingbroke's Works, 5 vol. Bacon's Works, 5 vol. Swift's Works, 10 vol. Dresses of all Nations, 2 vol. Diogenes Laertius, 2 vol. Suetonius Pitisci, 2 vol. Virgilius Masvicii, 2 vol. Ovidius Burman, 4 vol. Cicero Oliveti, 9 vol. Paris. Lucian Hempster husii, 4 vol. Tacitus Gronovii, 2 vol. ... Davila in Italian, 2 vol. best Edit. In Octavo, &c. Horatius, Pine, 2 vol. Virgilius, Justice, 2 vol. Biblia Heb. Vanderbought, 2 vol. Plutarchi Opera, 11 vol. Hen. Steph. Ciceronis Opera Verburgii, 16 vol. Theobald's Shakespear, 7 vol. Hume's History of England...
by Fletcher, James
Published 1767