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Subjects: '; ...Second World War...

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Subjects: '; ...Second World War...

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Subjects: '; ...Second World War...

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Subjects: '; ...second world war...

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Subjects: '; ...world war ii / second world war...

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Table of Contents: '; .... The Second World war -- 2. The Charter of London -- 3. The Judgments -- 4. The Doctrine on Nuremberg -- 5...

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... in their attempts to campaign for and create security after the destruction of the Second World War, and how...

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... of political communitarization, this study examines how Hollywood was deployed during the Second World War...

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... of the industrial consultation processes in the West-German automobile industry after the Second World War....

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... massacre in Europe since the Second World War. This study is based on interviews with all the major players...

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... need to know to understand developments in European politics from the Second World War to the present...

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... by their joint involvement in the Mediterranean theatre during the Second World War. Analysis of the evolution...

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...The global system of alliances that the United States built after the Second World War underpinned...

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..., from the start of the Second World War until 1959...

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... since the end of the Second World War. The book focuses on Europe, commemorating the end of the War...

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... the Second World War and an introduction to each post-war administration including innovative 'government...

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...Following the Second World war, South Africa claimed that the League of Nations mandate...

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... system of European security was forged in the aftermath of the Second World War...