by Turan, Kenneth
Published 2002
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by Töpfer, Jochen, Bergmann, Max Friedrich
Published 2019
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by Rock, Jonna
Published 2019
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Table of Contents: '; ... Transformation of the Sephardic Communities and Sarajevo Sephardic Attitudes Towards Yugoslavia, Spain and Israel...

by Jagoda, Flory
Published 2000
Documentary Educational Resources (DER)
Subjects: '; ...Folk songs, Ladino / Bosnia and Hercegovina / Sarajevo...
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by Adam, Jens
Published 2018
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Subjects: '; ...Sarajevo...

Published 2009
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... Natural Disasters and Previous Military Activities Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina 5-9 October 2008...

by Bischof, Günter
Published 2014
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... of the assassination of the Austrian successor to the throne Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo...

Published 2006
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Table of Contents: '; ...-territorial fragmentation in a “united” Jerusalem -- Hong Kong: China’s global city -- Sarajevo: Isolation...

by Šiljak, Harun
Published 2016
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... at the Department of Control and Electronics, University of Sarajevo and his PhD in Signal Processing...

Published 2018
International Monetary Fund
..., conducted by Mr. Leonard Haakman, visited Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, during April 24-28, 2017...

Published 2018
International Monetary Fund
...) technical assistance (TA) mission from the Statistics Department (STA) visited Sarajevo during April 7-April...

Published 2019
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... in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 28th–30th June 2018. The book covers a wide range of technologies...

Published 2017
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... Engineering held from 16 to 18 March 2017 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Focusing on the theme...

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Table of Contents: '; ... in Action “Operation Phoenix”: A British Medical Aid Program to Sarajevo -- Health Care of Prisoners...

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Table of Contents: '; ... Congress of Basel -- 6 Sarajevo 1914. A Century of Debate About the Guilt for the First World War -- 7...

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Table of Contents: '; ... to the logic of ethnic conflict during the siege of Sarajevo -- Beyond ethnic intolerance: traces and benefits...

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Table of Contents: '; ...the lessons of history? / Brendan Simms -- No pity for Sarajevo ; The West's Serbianization ; When...

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... Internationale am 24./25. November 1912.- Sarajevo 1914. Hundert Jahre Streit über die Schuld am Ersten Weltkrieg...

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... for instance the packing of a suitcase at the splitting of a marriage; how people in the besieged Sarajevo were...

by O’Ballance, Edgar
Published 1995
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... in March 1994, brought about a cease-fire in Sarajevo, which had been constantly under the television...