Published 1995
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... -- The petroleum potential of the Netherlands Antilles -- Sedimentary basins and petroleum potential of Puerto Rico...

Published 1997
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Socioeconomic Analysis of Hurricanes in Puerto Rico: An Overview of Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness...

Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... in early 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and range from lengthy reviews on contaminant transport mechanisms...

by Ketchum, Bostwick H.
Published 1981
Springer US
Table of Contents: '; ... Water Dumpsite 106 -- Waste Material Behavior and Inorganic Geochemistry at the Puerto Rico Waste...

Published 2001
Springer Netherlands
... from Puerto Rico. Although the ASI was officially composed of lecturers and students, these roles were...