by Mints, Stephan L.
Published 1985
Springer US
... and the National Science Foundation...

Published 1996
Birkhäuser Basel
... of the Swiss National Science Foundation. How should system boundaries of a product life cycle be drawn? · How...

Published 2001
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... and preparing this first FRONTIERS volume. I also take this opportunity to thank the National Science Foundation...

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... American Regions of the Biometric Society, and supported by grant BMS 75-0280) from the National Science...

by Zuo, J.M., Spence, J.C.H.
Published 1992
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... stimulus to our work on convergent-beam electron diffraction resulted from a visit to the National Science...

Published 1986
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... support for the workshop was provided in part by grant BNS- 8412878 from the National Science Foundation...