Published 1996
Birkhäuser Basel
... of the Swiss National Science Foundation. How should system boundaries of a product life cycle be drawn? · How...

by Mintz, Stephan L., Perlmutter, Arnold
Published 1985
Springer US
... and the National Science Foundation...

Published 1977
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... American Regions of the Biometric Society, and supported by grant BMS 75-0280) from the National Science...

by Zuo, J.M., Spence, J.C.H.
Published 1992
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... stimulus to our work on convergent-beam electron diffraction resulted from a visit to the National Science...

Published 2001
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... and preparing this first FRONTIERS volume. I also take this opportunity to thank the National Science Foundation...

Published 1986
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... support for the workshop was provided in part by grant BNS- 8412878 from the National Science Foundation...