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metaphysical naturalism » metaphysical pluralism, metaphysical rationalism, ethical naturalism

by Ladyman, James
Published 2007
Oxford University Press

by King, Jeffrey C.
Published 2007
Oxford University Press
...King formulates an account of the metaphysical nature of propositions, and explains what...

by Olson, Eric T.
Published 2007
Oxford University Press
...Many discussions of personal identity frequently ignore the basic metaphysical nature of human...

by Al-Faruqi, Ismaʼil R.
Published 2018
International Institute of Islamic Thought
... deep into the heart of the debate on the metaphysical nature of values in the Western and Muslim...

Published 2021
Cambridge University Press
... the world, about ourselves, about morality, and even about things of a metaphysical nature. The tenets...

Published 1993
Springer US
... of a metaphysical nature, which are often used without being clearly stated. The first hypothesis...

Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
... Stability of cosmological models The metaphysical nature of spacetime The relationship between spacetime...

by Crespo, Ricardo F.
Published 2022
Springer International Publishing
... components. As a monograph on the philosophy of the economy and economics, it deduces the metaphysical nature...