by Jones, Rowland
Published 1768
printed by John Hughs, near Lincoln's-Inn-Fields; and sold by Messrs. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; Davis, in Piccadilly; Shropshire, in Bond-Street; Elmsley, late Vaillant, in the Strand; Owen, at Temple-Bar; and Crowder, in Pater-Noster-Row. Of whom may be had, the Origin of Language and Nations, by the same Author
Subjects: '; ...English language...

by Stackhouse, Thomas
Published 1731
printed for J. Batley, at the Dove in Pater-Noster-Row
Subjects: '; ...English language...

by Steele, Joshua
Published 1775
printed by W. Bowyer and J. Nichols: for J. Almon, in Piccadilly
Subjects: '; ...English language / Rhythm...

by Edwards, Jonathan
Published 1788
New-Haven, printed by Josiah Meigs, 1778; London reprinted by W. Justins
Subjects: '; ...Mohegan language...

by Perry, William
Published 1796
at the press of Isaiah Thomas, by L. Worcester, for said Thomas. Sold in Worcester, by Thomas, Son & Thomas.--In Boston by Thomas & Andrews, D. West, E. Larkin, S. Hall, J. West and other booksellers.--In Baltimore, by Thomas, Andrews Butler.--In Albany, by Thomas, Andrews & Penniman
Subjects: '; ...English language / Dictionaries...

by Barclay, James
Published 1792
[printed for J.F. and C. Rivington; B. Law and Son; G.G.J. and J. Robinson; J. Sewell; H.L. Gardner [and 12 others in London]
Subjects: '; ...English language / Dictionaries...

by Gill, John
Published 1767
printed: and sold by G. Keith, in Gracechurch-Street; J. Fletcher, at Oxford; T. and J. Merrill, at Cambridge; A. Donaldson and W. Gray, at Edinburgh; J. Bryce, at Glasgow; A. Angus, at Aberdeen: and P. Wilson, at Dublin
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Accents and accentuation...

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1734
printed for Eman. Matthews, at the Bible in Pater-Noster-Row; R. Ford, at the Angel, and R. Hett, at the Bible and Crown, both in the Poultrey, near Stocks-Market
Subjects: '; ...English language / Pronunciation...

by Bachmair, John James
Published 1788
Printed by Charles Cist, in Race-Street
Subjects: '; ...German language / Grammar...

by Perry, William
Published 1794
by Leonard Worcester, for Isaiah Thomas. Sold at his bookstore, by said Thomas, & Waldo, in Brookfield, and said Thomas, & Carlisle, in Walpole. Sold also, in Boston, by said Thomas, and Andrews, S. Hall, B. Larkin, J. White, D. West, E. Larkin, Jun., J. West, and at the Boston Bookstore
Subjects: '; ...English language / Dictionaries...

by Aler, Paul
Published 1794
typis H. Baldwin pro Societate Stationariorum
Subjects: '; ...Latin language / Epithets...

by Roderick, John
Published 1728
O gasgliad, myfyriad ac argraphiad John Rhydderch, ac ar werth ganddo ef yn y Mwythig
Subjects: '; ...Welsh language / Grammar...

by Aler, Paul
Published 1782
typis H. S. Woodfall, pro Societate Stationariorum
Subjects: '; ...Latin language / Epithets...