by Kootstra, Gauke
Published 1992
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ... and altmetrics what is the future? -- Open access journals: The future of scientific publishing?...

Published 2015
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... regions of the globe.” —Seymour Topping, Professor Emeritus of International Journalism, Columbia...

by Rupreht, Joseph
Published 1985
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... Anesthesia in Viet Nam -- 4.25 Early History of the British Journal of Anaesthesia -- 4.26 The British...

Published 2014
Springer New York
Table of Contents: '; ...33. A History of Anesthesia in South America -- 34. A History of Anaesthesia Journals -- 35. A...

by Ratliff, A. H. C., Atkins, R. M., Eastwood, D. M.
Published 1991
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..., bad and awful litera- ture papers, mainly but not exclusively from accessible books and journals...

by Crock, Henry Vernon
Published 1993
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... the complex anatomy of the lumbosacral region with associated pathological states ...” Journal of Neurosurgery...

by Bombelli, Renato
Published 1993
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......" #The British Journal of Radiology# "This book is a must for those of us about to consider a THR and for those...

by Li, Michelle, Norton, Jeffrey A., Bollinger, R. Randal, Chang, Alfred E.
Published 2003
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.... These tables allow the reader to reach conclusions on the basis of data." ( New England Journal of Medicine...

Published 2007
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... of vascular diseases. Te information necessary for the above is disseminated through books, journals...

Published 2005
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... difficult to put down....'. (R A B Wood, Journal Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, 2000) ' Since...

Published 2016
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... subject, for example, an elective student.” --British Journal of Anaesthesia “This is an excellent...

by Chassin, Jameson L.
Published 1994
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...." - Rodney Maingot, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine...

by Cohadon, F.
Published 1998
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... of reference for those who are already trained ...” Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry...

by Cohadon, F.
Published 1997
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... neurosurgeons, from junior trainee to consultant level alike.” British Journal of Neurosurgery...

Published 2017
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... to the novice and to the developing expert in this field.” ‐‐Canadian Journal of Anesthesia “Impressive...

by Skalicky, Simon E.
Published 2016
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.... The text is based on the latest publications in peer-reviewed journals that are closely referenced within...

by Alberti, Winfried E.
Published 2001
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... to trawl the many journals of ophthalmology and radiotherapy to acquire relevant information. This book...

by Czitrom, Andrei A.
Published 1996
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... of tissue transplantation”. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery...