Published 2010
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Table of Contents: '; ... on the Numerical Simulation of Journal Bearings with Turbulence and Inertia Effects -- Numerical Analysis...

Published 2010
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Table of Contents: '; ... to Traditional Unsteady Fluid Dynamics Analysis in Turbomachinery -- Capability of FDEM for Journal Bearings...

Published 2010
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...The LNCS journal Transactions on Computational Science reflects recent developments in the field...

by Ixaru, Liviu Gr, Berghe, Guido Vanden
Published 2004
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... are spread over journals with various profiles (such as applied mathematics, computer science, computational...

Published 2018
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... together with 3 abstracts of invited talks and 3 abstracts of fast-track journal papers were carefully...

Published 2013
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... other accomplishments, Professor Buchberger in 1985 was the founding editor of the Journal of Symbolic...

Published 2009
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...(CDC, ACC, IFAC), in specialized wo- shops (IFAC TDS series), and published in the leading journals...

by Teolis, Anthony
Published 2017
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...’. These functions are not orthonormal and they lead to many useful results. —Journal of Mathematical Psychology...

by Böhmer, Klaus
Published 1984
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.... Meanwhile a large number of papers and reports, scattered over many journals and institutions, have appeared...

by Karniadakis, George, Beskok, Ali, Aluru, Narayan
Published 2005
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... from the European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids, 2002: "For those who want to compute flows...

by Santner, Thomas J., Williams, Brian J., Notz, William I.
Published 2003
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