by Wesley, John
Published 1775
printed by R. Hawes, (no. 34.) in Lamb-Street, Near Spital-Square
...Journal. 1 & 2...

by Wesley, John
Published 1797
printed for G. Whitfield, City-Road; and sold at the Methodist preaching-houses in town and country
...Journal. 1 & 2...

by Wesley, John
Published 1765
printed by William Pine, in Narrow-Wine-Street
...Journal. 1 & 2...

by Coke, Thomas
Published 1791

by Wesley, John
Published 1743
printed by Felix Farley, and sold by the booksellers of Bristol, Bath, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Exeter; - as also by Andrew Bradford, in Philadelphia
...Journal. 1 & 2...

by Haldane, James Alexander
Published 1798
Printed by J. Ritchie. Sold by J. Ogle, J. Guthrie, G. Peattie, Leith, W. Burton, London, and M. Ogle, Glasgow, for the benefit of the Society of Propagating the Gospel at home

by Coke, Thomas
Published 1789

by Wesley, John
Published 1740
printed by S. and F. Farley. And sold at their printing-office; at the New School-House in the Horse-Fair; and by the booksellers in town and country
...Journal. 1...

by Wesley, John
Published 1740
printed by W. Strahan, and sold at the Foundery near Upper Moorfields, and at James Hutton's, at the Bible and Sun without Temple-Bar
...Journal. 2...

Published 1775
George Allan

by Gregory, William
Published 1800
printed by T. Gillet, Salisbury-Square, for, and sold by the author, No. 100, Whitehouse-Street, Ratcliffe-Cross; Ogle, Turnstile; Button and Symmonds, Paternoster-Row, London; and by all booksellers and newscarriers in the three kingdoms

by Blair, Samuel
Published 1744
Printed and sold by William Bradford at the Sign of the Bible in Second-Street

by Hart, Joseph
Published 1787
Printed and sold by Shepard Kollock;-- likewise sold by R. Hodge, New-York