by Pfannenstiel, Max
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ...„Von akademischen Versammlungen der Naturforscher Deutschlands.“ = Journal für Chemie und Physik...

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Table of Contents: '; ...; reprinted from the Journal of the Society, Al 30, 457–77) -- 5. Biomathematics (Inaugural lecture...

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Published 1982
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... of this resurgence of interest, a specialist journal (the Journal of Reproductive Immunology) has been launched...

by O’Donoghue, Michael
Published 1988
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... and mineralogical journals. Gemstones hopes to get the balance right. In the preparation of the book all...

by Everitt, B. S.
Published 1987
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... issue of every statistics journal contains one or other paper which involves the application...

by Sim, Edith
Published 1982
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... with the minutiae of the subject. The sheer number of research journals and papers also causes confusion...

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Published 1980
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... of the work on the economic utilization of seaweeds has been published only in scientific journals and has...

by Aven, Terje
Published 1992
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... in the journals and publications associated with their own discipline. It has also been an objective to put...

by Fisher, K. D.
Published 1972
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... of the editorial content of a journal be republished as a monograph? Most of the ma­ terial to be included...

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... Academic Publishers (Table 4.6); Journal of Dental Research (Tables 6.9 and 6.10); and MTP Press Ltd...

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.... Andrewartha and T. O. Browning first published in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Adelaide, 1970 H. G. A...

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... of the technical journals on tunnelling reports another £1 billion scheme somewhere in the world, it would...

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Published 1965
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... published in 'Journal de Mecanique' 1962-1963, in which I attempted to construct a mathematical theory...