by Law, Edmund
Published 1760
printed by J. Archdeacon, Printer to the University; for T. & J. Merrill, in Cambridge; J. Robson & Co. in New Bond Street, B. White, in Fleet Street, T. Cadell, in the Strand; and sold by J. Wilkie, in St. Paul's Church Yard, London
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Burns, David
Published 2013
Oxford University Press
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Rationalistic interpretations...

by Brown, Clark
Published 1799
Printed by Samuel Trumbull
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Divinity...

by Cameron, John
Published 1789
printed by J. and W. Magee, at the Bible and Crown in Bridge-Street
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Devotional literature...

by Hey, William
Published 1774
printed for John Binns; sold by B. White, Fleet-Street; T. Payne, near the Mews-Gate; Mess. Richardson and Urquhart, under the Royal Exchange; S. Leacroft, Charing-Cross, and E. Johnson, Ave-Maria-Lane, London; T. & J. Merril, at Cambridge, and D. Prince, at Oxford
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Crucifixion...

by Rapin, René
Published 1720
printed for E. Curll in Fleetstreet. C. Rivington in St. Paul's Church-Yard, J. Brotherton in Cornhill, and W. Lewis in Covent Garden
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Crucifixion / Poetry...

by Rambach, Johann Jacob
Published 1759
printed for A. Linde, Bookseller to her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, in Catharine-Street in the Strand
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Crucifixion...

by Winchester, Elhanan
Published 1793
printed for the author by T. Gillet, and sold by Mr. Parsons, No. 21, Paternoster-Row; Mr. Knott, Bookseller, Lombard-Street; Mr. Bruce, City Road; Acutts and Keeble, No. 25, Shoreditch; and may be had of the author, No. 5. Winkworth's Buildings, City Road; or at the vestry of the chapel, in Parliament-Court, Artillery-Street, Bishopsgate-Street
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Poetry...

by Bockmuehl, Markus N. A.
Cambridge University Press
Table of Contents: '; ... --The global Jesus /Teresa Okure --Jerusalem after Jesus /David B. Burrell --The future of Jesus Christ...

by Webster, William
Published 1731
printed for James Lacy at the Ship in Fleetstreet
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / Appearances...

by Cabet, Etienne
Published 1846
Au bureau du Populaire
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ / History of doctrines...

by Hooper, William
Published 1742
Printed by D. Fowle, for J. Edwards and S. Eliot in Cornhill
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Willan, Robert
Published 1786
printed by Sammells and Ritchie, No. 11, Albion-Buildings, Bartholomew-Close; and sold by J.C. and F. Rivington, and J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-Yard; G.G.J. and J. Robinson, and S. Crowder, Paternoster-Row; W. Brown, Strand; H.D. Symonds, Stationers Court; J. Asperne, Newington-Causeway; J. and J. Fletcher, Oxford; and B.C. Collins, Salisbury
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Owen, John
Published 1772
printed by and for John Gray. Sold at his Printing-House opposite the City-Guard
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

Published 1765
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Cotton, Clement
Published 1723
Re-printed by S. Kneeland, for D. Henchman, at his shop
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Bell, William
Published 1795
Printed by J. Nichols, for B. Law, No. 5, Stationers Court; and C. Law, No. 13, Ave-Maria-Lane
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Owen, John
Published 1757
printed by J. Bryce and D. Paterson, and sold at their printing-house
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Owen, John
Published 1790
printed, by Ebenezer Miller, for W. Miller
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...

by Cranfield, Thomas
Published 1795
Printed by William Sleater, 28, Dame-Street
Subjects: '; ...Jesus Christ...