by Dilworth, Thomas
Published 1799
Printed and sold by Peter Brynberg
Subjects: '; ...Fables...

A new guide to the English tongue in five parts. Containing, I. Words both common and proper, from one to six Syllables: The several Sorts of Monasyllables in the common Words being distinguished by Tables, into Words of two, three, and four Letters, &c. with six short Lessons at the End of each Table, not exceeding the order of Syllables in the foregoing Tables. The several Sorts of Pollysyllables also, being ranged in proper Tables, have their Syllables divided, and Directions placed at the Head of each Table for the Accent, to prevent false Pronunciation; together with the like Number of Lessons on the foregoing Tables, placed at the End of each Table, as far as to Words of four Syllables, for the easier and more speedy Way of teaching Children to read. II. A large and useful Table of Words, that are the same in Sound, but different in Signification; very necessary to prevent the writing one Word for another of the same Sound. III. A short, but comprehensive Grammar of the English Tongue, delivered in the most familiar and instructive Method of Question and Answer; necessary for all such Persons as have the Advantage only of an English Education. IV. An useful Collection of Sentences in Prose and Verse, Divine, Moral, and Historical; together with a select Number of Fables, adorned with proper Sculptures, for the better Improvement of the Young Beginners. And, V. Forms...
by Dilworth, Thomas
Published 1790
printed for the proprietors
Subjects: '; ...Fables...

by Dilworth, Thomas
Published 1795
Printed & sold by Thomas & William Bradford, wholesale and retail booksellers and stationers, no. 8, South-Front Street
Subjects: '; ...Fables...

Published 1770
printed by Stafford Pryse, and sold by all the booksellers in town and country
Subjects: '; ...Fables, English / Early works to 1800...