Published 2017
University of North Carolina Press
...The University of North Carolina CBE Summit 2017 offered faculty and staff from around the country...

by Harlacher, Jason E., Sakelaris, Tami L., Kattelman, Nicole M.
Published 2014
Springer New York
Table of Contents: '; ... Curriculum-Based Evaluation -- Chapter 6. CBE Decoding -- Chapter 7. CBE Early Literacy -- Chapter 8. Reading...

by Alsmadi, Izzat, Easttom, Chuck, Tawalbeh, Lo’ai
Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
... that adopt the Competency-Based Education (CBE) method. The book follows the CBE general framework, meaning...

by Ahmad, Nadim
Published 2017
OECD Publishing

by Nelson, Heidi D.
Published 2009
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
... biopsies than older women. Trials of CBE are ongoing; trials of BSE showed no reductions in mortality...

by Alsmadi, Izzat
Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
... for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) KSAs work roles and framework, that adopt the Competency-Based Education (CBE...

by Alsmadi, Izzat, Burdwell, Robert, Aleroud , Ahmed, Wahbeh, Abdallah
Published 2018
Springer International Publishing
... Education (CBE) method of teaching. The content and ancillary assessment methods explicitly measure student...

Published 2005
International Monetary Fund
..., the implementation of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) restructuring plan has progressed as planned. The 2004/05...

by Moore, Patrick
Published 1997
Springer London
... including - of course - the Hubble Space Telescope. Written by Dr Patrick Moore CBE, to celebrate the 40th...

by Moore, Patrick
Published 2006
Springer London
...Sir Patrick Moore, CBE, FRS is without a doubt the world’s most widely known and respected...

by Koranne, Sandeep
Published 2009
Springer US
... on the CBE as accessible as possible Comprehensive reading list for introductory material to the subject...

Published 1999
Springer US
...Professor Philip G. Burke, CBE, FRS formally retired on 30 September 1998. To recognise...

by Moore, Patrick, Watson, John
Published 2003
Springer London
...Sir Patrick Moore, CBE, FRS has long been the scourge of those people selling low-cost astronomical...

by Ansell, B. M.
Published 1996
Springer US
...Professor E. G. L. Bywaters CBE, MO, FRCp, FACP This book provides a summary - a distillation...

Published 2015
Springer International Publishing

by Xue, Charlie Q. L.
Published 2016
Springer Singapore
... Terry Farrell<, CBE, Principal, Farrells "Well researched and refreshingly well structured, Charlie Xue...

Published 2000
OECD Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ... -- PARTNERSHIPS AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT -- Opening Comments by Tony Hopkins CBE, Chairman, Laganside Corporation...

Published 2005
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... for Modeling Complex Systems -- CBE-Conveyor: A Case-Based Reasoning System to Assist Engineers in Designing...

Published 1996
Springer US
Table of Contents: '; ...1 High Speed Pulsed Power Technology at Aldermaston -- 2 J.C. “Charlie” Martin, C.B.E. -- 3 Brief...