by Freiberger, Walter, Grenander, Ulf
Published 1971
Springer New York
... on at Brown University with generous support from the Office of Computing Activities of the National Science...

by Sesiano, Jacques
Published 1982
Springer New York
... discovered Arabic translation, is the outgrowth of a doctoral dissertation submitted to the Brown University...

by Pipkin, Allen C.
Published 1972
Springer US
... of Applied Mathematics at Brown University. The course serves as an introduction to viscoelasticity and as a...

by Beckmann, M. J., Künzi, H. P., Landtwing, R.
Published 1973
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... Kursen von M. BEcKMANN, die an der Brown University, der Universität Bonn und der Technischen Universität...