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1 Table of Contents: ...<P>1 Introduction 2 Apple Inc 3 Google 4 Microsoft Corporation 5 Inc. 6 Berkshire...

by O'Regan, Gerard
Published 2015
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: ...Background -- Adobe Systems -- -- Amdahl Corporation -- Apple Inc -- Atari Inc -- Bell...

by Asquith, Paul, Weiss, Lawrence A.
Published 2019
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Table of Contents: ...) -- Dividends and Stock Repurchases (Apple Inc.) -- A continuation of capital structure theory -- Restructuring...

by Kossovsky, Nir
Published 2012
Table of Contents: ... This; Innovation; Apple Inc.; Working for Apple Inc.; Recruiting Engaged Employees; Retaining Engaged Employees...

by Tengler, Nancy
Published 2023
Palgrave Macmillan
Table of Contents: ... Be Balanced and Behave Well If Things Get Out of Hand -- 8 Apple, Inc.—A Case Study in How to Select a Core...

by Iannuzzi, Al
Published 2018
CRC Press
... on capital cost accounting will be added. The new case studies will be on Nike, Samsung Electronics, Apple...

by Chen, Jin
Published 2023
Springer Nature Singapore
... the firms' innovation ecosystems upon ten typical global enterprises in and out of China – e.g., Apple Inc...

by Okunev, Rhoda
Published 2023
Table of Contents: ...IPhone by Apple Inc. -- Samsung Smart TV and Phone -- Android Smartphone -- Video Games -- Video...

by Finney, Martha I.
Published 2008
FT Press

by Finney, Martha I.
Published 2009
FT Press

by Jordán, Jorge
Published 2016
Packt Publishing
... to develop native iOS games. Strongly boosted by the Apple Inc., Cupertino, it has increased in popularity...