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Table of Contents: '; ... of Modernity -- VI. Blanshard’s Rationalistic Idealism -- VII. The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead -- VIII...

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.... The authors discussed range from Gertrude Stein to Alfred North Whitehead, Charlotte Perkins Gilman to Sarah...

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Table of Contents: '; ... -- Übertragungen -- Evolution in der Kosmologie Alfred North Whiteheads -- Eine Philosophie des Menschen und die...

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... of foundational mathematical logic intended as an alternative to the Principia Mathematica of Alfred North...

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... attempts to articulate processual views of biology, which have tended to use Alfred North Whitehead...

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... in the areas of the philosophy of religion, the study of the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead...

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..."Seek simplicity and distrust it. " Alfred North Whitehead "It will become all too clear...

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.... But the discovery of the work of Charles Hartshorne and Alfred North Whitehead opened up for him completely new...

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Table of Contents: '; ... Lebens im abendländischen Denken - S. Rohmer, "The Art of Life". Zu Alfred North Whiteheads Deutung des...