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by Lloyd-Jones, Hugh
Published 2005
Oxford University Press
...This third volume completes the author's collected Academic Papers. The subject areas covered...

by Zheng, Alice, Casari, Amanda
Published 2018
O'Reilly Media
Table of Contents: '; ... the featurizer : image feature extraction and deep learning -- Back to the feature : building an academic paper...

by Wang, Yunkun
Published 2020
Springer Singapore
Table of Contents: '; ... utilization of generated electricity for nutrient recovery -- Conclusion -- acknowledgement -- Academic papers...

by Smyth, T. R.
Published 2004
Macmillan Education UK
Table of Contents: '; ...ACADEMIC PAPERS -- Writing and Thinking -- Scientific Writing -- Style -- Academic Standards...

by Bierman Jr., Harold
Published 2003
Springer US
...In 1958 an academic paper on corporate finance written by two professors (Merton Miller and Frances...

Published 2013
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ...An Effective System for the Automatic Classification of the Types of Academic Papers -- Aggregation...

Published 2019
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ... of Mitigation in Academic Papers -- “Sword” Metaphors in Nikita Khrushchev's Political Rhetoric -- Multiword...

Published 2003
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... of an Academic paper, respectively. The title usually describes the main issue discussed in the study...

Published 2020
Springer International Publishing
Table of Contents: '; ... Research on Artificial Intelligence Assisted User Modeling -- Analyzing the Influence of Academic Papers...

by Ruppert, David, Matteson, David S.
Published 2015
Springer New York
... from the National Science Foundation and won Best Academic Paper Awards from the annual R/Finance...

Published 2012
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Table of Contents: '; ... for Academic Papers: Analyzing the Behavior of Novice Users over Time -- Posters --...

Published 2017
Springer Singapore
Table of Contents: '; ... Based on Hbase -- Research on Visualization Methods for Academic Papers Analysis of Chinese Surveying...

by Tim Congdon
Published 1992
Edward Elgar Publishing
... this period. Reflections on Monetarism brings together his most important academic papers and journalism...

Published 2018
Springer Singapore
...This book presents selected academic papers addressing five key research areas – archaeology...

Published 2014
Springer Singapore
...The book is a collection of academic papers from a conference that focuses on significant issues...

by Qiu, Ming, Chen, Long, Li, Yingchun, Yan, Jiafei
Published 2017
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... academic papers, technical reports and patent literature, and offers a valuable guide for engineers...

by Twum-Darko, Michael
Published 2016
... in the information economy. Purpose: To share the quality academic papers presented at the International Conference...

by Boone, Tonya
Published 2012
Springer New York
... provides an overview of existing take-back legislation and academic papers that have studied various...

Published 2011
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... enough space for presentation, only four academic papers were accepted. These papers were submitted...

by Zhang, Dinghua, Cheng, Yunyong, Jiang, Ruisong, Wan, Neng
Published 2018
Springer Berlin Heidelberg
... out since the 1990s. It includes academic papers, technical reports and patent literature...