by Norman, John
Published 1786
Engraved printed and sold by J. Norman, architect engraver at his shop near the Boston-Stone

by Benjamin, Asher
Published 1798
Printed by Spotswood and Etheridge, for the author, sold by him, and by Alexander Thomas, Worcester

by Swan, Abraham
Published 1794
Printed typographically by John W. Folsom, for John Norman, engraver, no. 75, Newbury Street

by Salmon, William
Published 1762
printed for C. Hitch, L. Haws, J. Rivington, R. Baldwin, W. Johnston, J. Richardson, S. Crowder and Co. T. Longman, B. Law, E. Dilly, C. Ware and Co. and A. Ward

by Cochin, Charles Nicolas
Published 1765
et se trouve a Paris, Chez Charles-Antoine Jombert, Libraire du Roi pour L'Artillerie & le Genie, a L'Image Notre-Dame, rue Dauphine

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1724
Printed & sold by Tho. Bowles in St. Pauls Church Yard, and John Bowles over aganst. Stocks Market, London

by Halfpenny, William
Published 1755
printed for and sold by Robert Sayer, Map and Print-Seller, at the Golden Buck, opposite Fetter-Lane, Fleet-Street

by Price, Francis
Published 1753
printed by C. and J. Ackers, in St. John's-Street; for C. Hitch and L. Hawes, at the Red-Lion, and R. Baldwin, at the Rose, in Pater-Noster-Row

by Pain, William
Published 1790
printed for the author, No. 12, Fisher Street, Red Lion Square, Holborn

by Neve, Richard
Published 1703
printed for J. Sprint, G. Conyers, and T. Ballard

by Berry, Thomas
Published 1765
printed for, and sold by the author ; It may likewise be had in the Grand Vestry, or Treasury of Notre Dame Church

by Palladio, Andrea
Published 1724
printed for S. H. and H. T.; and sold by James Knapton, Robert Knaplock, John and Benj. Sprint, Daniel Midwinter, Ranew Robinson, William and John Innis, and John Osborne

by Plaw, John
Published 1796
published by I. and J. Taylor, At The Architectural Library, Holborn

Published 1800
printed by S. Gosnell, Little Queen Street, Holborn, for J. Taylor, At The Architectural Library, Holborn

by Malton, Thomas
Published 1792
[printed by T. Bensley] published Augt 21st 1792 by Thos. Malton]

by Lowth, Thomas Henry
Published 1776