by Hadley, George
Published 1772
printed for T. Cadell
Subjects: '; ...Hindustani language / Grammar...

by Pughe, William Owen
Published 1793
printed for E. and T. Williams, Strand
Subjects: '; ...Welsh language / Dictionaries / Early works to 1800...

by Lhwyd, Edward
Published 1707
Printed at the Theater for the author
Subjects: '; ...Cornish language / Early works to 1800...

by La Croze, Maturin Veyssière de
Published 1775
e Typographeo Clarendoniano
Subjects: '; ...Coptic language / Dictionaries / Latin...

by Pryce, William
Published 1790
printed by W. Cruttwell; and sold by Dilly, Poultry, London London; Fletcher, Oxford; Merrill, Cambridge; R. Cruttwell, Bath; and Grigg and Son, Exeter
Subjects: '; ...Cornish language / Glossaries, vocabularies, etc...

by Forster, Henry Pitts
Published 1799
from the press of Ferris and Co
Subjects: '; ...Bengali language / Dictionaries / English...

by Holloway, Benjamin
Published 1751
printed at the Theatre
Subjects: '; ...Bible / Language, style...

by Richardson, John
Published 1800
printed by S. Rousseau; and Wilson, and Co.: for Murray and Highley; J. Sewell; Wynne and Scholey; J. Debrett; Cadell and Davies; and J. Harding
Subjects: '; ...Persian language / Dictionaries / Polyglot...

by Shaw, William
Published 1778
printed for the author, by W. and A. Strahan; and sold by J. Donaldson in the Strand; and C. Elliot, Edinburgh
Subjects: '; ...Scottish Gaelic language / Grammar...

by Vallancey, Charles
Published 1772
Printed by and for S. Powell, in Dame-street, opposite to Fownes's-street
Subjects: '; ...Irish language / Etymology...

by Monis, Judah
Published 1735
Printed by Jonas Green, and are to be sold by the author at his house in Cambridge
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Grammar...

by Jubb, George
Published 1781
E Typographeo Clarendoniano. Veneunt apud D. Prince et J. Cooke; J. F. et C. Rivington, T. Payne et Filium, et T. Cadell, Londini
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Study and teaching...

by Brekell, John
Published 1758
Printed and sold by J. Waugh, at the Turk's-Head, in Lombard-Street; W. Fenner, at the Angel and Bible, in Pater-noster Row; and R. Fleetwood, at Leverpool
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Vocalization...

by Moreira, Jacob Rodrigues
Published 1773
Printed by A. Alexander number 78 White Chaple High Street. AM
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Dictionaries / English...

by Gladwin, Francis
Published 1800
Subjects: '; ...Persian language / Dictionaries / English...

Published 1794
clo' bhuailte le J. Moir
Subjects: '; ...Scottish Gaelic language / Texts...

by Gilchrist, John
Published 1787
from the press of Stuart and Cooper
Subjects: '; ...Hindustani language / Grammar...

by Wilson, Charles
Published 1788
Printed for William Creech, Edinburgh; and G.G.J. and J. Robinsons, London
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Grammar...

by Wilson, Charles
Published 1794
printed [by William Smellie] for J. Dickson, P. Hill, and W. Laing. London: for G. Robinson, and J. Cuthell Holborn
Subjects: '; ...Hebrew language / Grammar...