by Ainsworth, Robert
Published 1774
Printed by Charles Rivington, for C. Bathurst, J. Buckland, J. Pote, J. Beecroft, W. Strahan, J. and F. Rivington, J. Hinton, L. Davis, G. Keith, L. Hawes and W. Clarke and R. Collins, R. Horsfield, W. Owen, S. Crowder, T. Longman, B. Law, E. and C. Dilly, W. Domville, T. Cadell, G. Robinson, J. Johnson, T. Davies, J. Robson, W. Ginger, T. Becket, R. Baldwin, T. Evans in the Strand, and E. Johnston

by Ainsworth, Robert
Published 1736
printed for J. J. and P. Knapton, R. Knaplock, D. Midwinter, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, W. Mount and T. Page, B. Sprint, W. Innys and R. Manby, J. Pemberton, R. Robinson, C. Rivington, A. Ward, T. Longman, J. Clarke in Duck-Lane, J. Poth, J. and R. Tonson, and the Executor of Mr. J. Darby

by Ainsworth, Robert
Published 1752
printed for W. Mount and T. Page, W. Innys, R. Ware, J. and P. Knapton, T. Cox, T. Longman, C. Hitch, A. Millar, J. Pote, J. Hodges, J. Oswald, E. Wicksteed, J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper, J. Davidson, J. and J. Rivington, J. Ward, W. Johnston, M. Cooper, and the executors of Mr. J. Darby

by Ainsworth, Robert
Published 1783
[printed by Charles Rivington and William Woodfall, for J. Pote, C. Bathurst, J. Buckland, W. Strahan [and 21 others in London]

by Ainsworth, Robert
Published 1785
printed by Charles Rivington, for J. Pote, C. Bathurst, J. Buckland, W. Strahan, J. Rivington and Sons, L. Davis, T. Payne and Son, W. Owen, T. and W. Lowndes, T. Longman, B. Law, C. Dilly, G. Robinson, T. Cadell, J. Johnson, J. Robson, W. Ginger, R. Baldwin, J. Sewell, J. Nichols, J. Bew, S. Hayes, W. Goldsmith, P. Elmsley, and T. Beecroft