by Coles, Elisha
Published 1736
printed for J. Walthoe, G. Conyers, J. and J. Knapton, R. Wilkin, D. Midwinter, A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch, R. Gosling, S. Ballard, B. Sprint, J. and J. Bonwicke, W. Innys and R. Manby, B. Motte, R. Robinson, T. Longman, D. Erowne, S. Birt, T. Ward, T. Wotton, A. Ward, H. Lintot, E. Wicksteed

by Coles, Elisha
Published 1742
[printed for D. Midwinter, J. and J. Bonwicke, S. Ballard, R. Ware, W. Innys, [and 27 others in London]

by Coles, Elisha
Published 1707
[printed by F. C. for R. Chiswell, C. Harper, S. and J. Sprint, D. Browne, and A. and J. Churchill, [and 7 others in London]