by Eutropius
Published 1759
typis R. Brown, prostant apud C. Bathurst, P. Davy, and B. Law, J. Fuller, J. Ward, W. Johnston, & E. Dilly

by Eutropius
Published 1755
Printed for W. Clarke, son to the author, under the Piazza, at the back of the Royal-Exchange; and sold by J. Mace, and G. Ferraby, at Hull; Mess. Stabler and Barstow, and N. Bell, at York; and P. Hodges, at Hereford

by Eutropius
Published 1726
Apud Gulielmum Brown & Joannem Mosman, typographos regios

by Eutropius
Published 1751
Apud T. & W. Ruddimannos: veneunt ab Joanne Paton, & Jacobo Brown, bibliopolis in area Parlimentaria

by Eutropius
Published 1759
Excudebant E. et J. Robertson. Prostant venales apud nosmet ipsos, et apud Gid. Crawfurd, Gul. Gray, et Jac. Brown, bibliopolas

by Eutropius
Published 1763
Impensis G. Gordon, bibliopolae in area ... pa mentaria, apud quem venalia prostant

by Eutropius
Published 1790
Excudebat Da. Buchananus, apud quem veneunt; apud Gul. Coke quoque, Lethæ, et Geo. Mudie, Edinburgh

by Eutropius
Published 1783
in aedibus academicis, excudebat Andreas Foulis, Academiae Typographus

by Eutropius
Published 1760
printed for W. Johnston, J. Ward, J. Richardson, G. Kieth, T. Longman, S. Crowder and Co. and T. Caslon

by Eutropius
Published 1794
impensis Bell & Bradfute, J. Dickson, et W. Creech

by Eutropius
Published 1753
typis R. Brown, prostant apud S. Birt, T. Longman, J. Oswald, W. Fuller, C. Bathurst, J. Ward, & W. Johnston

by Eutropius
Published 1722
printed by Charles Bourne for Tho. Hammond jun. Bookseller, and sold by A. Bettesworth in Pater-Noster Row, and Charles Hartley at the Book and Hart in Aldmanbury, London

by Eutropius
Published 1728
printed by Thomas Gent; and are to be sold by A. Bettesworth at the Red-Lyon in Pater-Noster-Row, London

by Eutropius
Published 1768
impensis A. Kincaid & J. Bell, W. Gordon & J. Brown, apud quos venalia prostant

by Eutropius
Published 1797
printed, for T. Longman; B. Law; G.G. and J. Robinson; R. Baldwin; S. Hayes; J. Scatcherd, and J.D. Piguenit