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by Knorr, W.R.
Published 1989
Birkhäuser Boston
Table of Contents: '; ...Philologist, Heal Thy Text -- I Ancient Texts on Geometric Problems -- 1 The Hero-Apollonius Method...

Published 2002
Palgrave Macmillan US
... [religion], knows none'. Though a German-born and German-educated philologist, he spent the greater part...

Published 1999
Springer Netherlands
... of the philologists' construction-based vision. Their image of language as a catalogue of independent constructions...

Published 1973
Springer Netherlands
... no longer expects Heidegger to interpret literature like a literary critic or an academic philologist...

by Cleve, Felix M.
Published 1965
Springer Netherlands
... to become finally an almost exclusive domain of philologists. This has been happening not only because a...

Published 1974
Springer Netherlands
.... The purpose of the symposium was to gather logicians, philosophers, linguists, mathematicians and philologists...

Published 2004
Springer Netherlands
..., historians of philosophy, mathematicians, philologists, philosophers of science, archeologists etc. ), while...

by Loewenstein, K.
Published 1973
Springer Netherlands
... the centuries, deservedly has attracted the passionate attention of historians, philologists and, more recently...