by Watts, Isaac
Published 1772
printed for W. Strahan, J. and f. Rivington, J. Buckland, G. Keith, L. Hawes, W. Clarke & B. Collins, T. Longman, T. Field, E. and C. Dilly, and G. Pearch

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1776
printed and sold by Collins and Johnson. Sold also by Fletcher and Hodson, at Cambridge; Cruttwell, at Sherborne; Baker, at Southampton; Smith, at Marlborough; Maynard, at Devizes; Noyes, at Andover; and all other Booksellers in Town and Country

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1786
printed for J. F. and C. Rivington, J. Buckland, J. Johnson, T. Longman, T. Field, C. Dilly, and W. Goldsmith

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1781
printed for W. Strahan, J. F. and C. Rivington, J. Buckland, G. Keith, T. Longman, T. Field, and C. Dilly

by Wingfield, Thomas
Published 1758
printed for J. Payne, at Pope's Head, in Pater-Noster-Row

Published 1732
printed by Jos. Downing, in Bartholomew-Close, near West-Smithfield

by Watts, Isaac
Published 1799
printed for Thomas Wilson and Robert Spence, High-Ousegate

Published 1765
Printed by J. Imison, Black Swan Yard, Smith-Door

Published 1730
Printed from the edition of the Late Edwd Wickstead for T. Wilson and R. Spence York

by Pearson, Edward
Published 1800
Printed & sold by Samuel Tupman sold also by J. Hatchard, Piccadilly

by Henry, Matthew
Published 1755
Printed by John Robertson Sen. bookseller in the Salt-Mercat

by Nicholson, Henry
Published 1707
Printed at the Sign of the Crown in Fish[e]mble-street, for John Wares bookseller in High-street

by Clarke, Laurence
Published 1737
Printed for the author, and sold by the booksellers in town and country