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by Josephus, Flavius
Published 1796
Printed and published by Thomas Morton Bates, No. 89, Coombe

Published 1707
Printed for John Nicholson, at the King's-Arms, and Sam. Ballard, at the Blue-Ball in Little-Britain

by Douglas, John
Published 1760
London, printed. MDCCLX. Boston: reprinted, by B. Mecom, and sold at the new printing-office, near the town-house

Published 1798
Printed by George Grierson, printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty

by Brown, William
Published 1718
Printed for J. Walthoe, in the Middle-Temple-Cloysters

by Lloyd, Henry
Published 1784
Et se trouve B̉ruxelles, chez A.F. Pion, Iimprimeur-Libraire, rue de I'impřatruce

Published 1771
Printed for J. Jollifee, in St. James's-street; G. Woodfall, and J. Walter, at Charing-Cross; G. Kearsley, L. Hawes and Co. J. Hinton, E. Stevens, T. Caslon, C. Rivington, E. and C. Dilly, J. Robson, J. Williams, S. Crowder, Robinson and Roberts, B. Law, J. Wilkie, Z. Sturat, W. Johnston, T. Lowndes, T. Longman, J. Fuller, E. Johnson, G. Hawkins, H. Hughs, R. Davis, J. Almon, and B. Collins

Published 1747
printed by Thomas Baskett; and by the assigns of Robert Baskett